Orangutan Conservation

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As you know, 5% of profits from our cinnamon products get donated to organizations that protect orangutans and their habitat. These funds go towards adopting orangutans and donating to groups that protect this critically endangered species.

This year we continued to donate money to provide for the orangutans that we have adopted in the past. We also donated to the Orangutan Species Survival Plan for the advancement of the conservation of orangutans and the Orangutan Information Centre for the protection of the Sumatran orangutan and its habitat.



2015 Adopt an Ape Results

The votes have been counted and Jumbo is the 2015 winner! We will be helping to ensure his care until he can be safely released back into the forest.

Thank you Red Ape Cinnamon supporters!





mega Megaloman is being cared for at the SOCP orangutan rescue center in Sumatra. He’s one of the youngest infants to arrive at the Baby House. He is very cute and has a warm, easygoing personality. He’s quite popular among the staff due to his shock of wild hair. He gets along well with the other infants and seems smitten by Nadya, who he follows around the baby yard during play time. It’s amazing to think that one day this handsome little guy will grow into a dominant male cheekpadder orangutan.


cinta While the BOS Nyaru Menteng team was busy preparing an orangutan release they received a phone call from villagers who had ‘found’ an infant orangutan and wanted to send her to the care center. BOS immediately coordinated with the authorities to rescue the baby and on the morning of February 14th, Valentines Day, the team set out on the four-hour journey to get her. The baby came from an area which, until recently, had been a lush forest populated by many orangutans. A palm oil company had cleared the land and destroyed the forest. The baby, named Cinta (‘Love’ in Indonesian), was all that remained of her extended family…


nadya Nadya is being cared for at the SOCP orangutan rescue center in Sumatra. She’s the only girl in a group of boys living in the Baby House. She’s very independent and loves spending time with other babies like her best friends Gokong and Siboy! She’s showing all the signs of being a wild orangutan — which is perfect for release in the near future into a safe, protected forest.


jumbo Just two days after the rescue of Cinta, a van pulled up to the gate of BOS Nyaru Menteng. One of the passengers was carrying a tiny baby orangutan. He claimed to have found the baby when he was out with his hunting dogs. The dogs ran towards the mother who quickly disappeared behind the trees. The man grabbed the infant who, he claimed, she’d left behind… Orangutan mothers NEVER leave their babies! The tiny little guy, named Jumbo, is now in BOS Baby School with his new best friend Cinta.

2014 Adopt an Ape Results

The votes have been counted and Monti is the 2014 winner! We will be helping to ensure her care until she can be safely released back into the forest.

monti Adopt an Ape


2013 Adopt an Ape Results

Based on the extra support of our great customers, the generous support of the Food Babe Army and the fact that these babies are so dang cute, we are able to adopt TWO orangutans this year… drum roll please…

Gunung and Rickina!


Potential adoptee


Potential adoptee

We will provide support to them for the remainder of their lives (which we hope will be filled with joy and lots of fruit)!

Thank you Red Ape Cinnamon supporters – Happy New Year!


This just in… We couldn’t resist Gober and her twins, so we went ahead and adopted them on June 19th, 2013!

Gober is an elderly female Sumatran orangutan from an area in North Sumatra consisting of rubber plantations and fruit agriculture, completely surrounded and isolated from native forest by intensive monoculture oil palm plantations. When Gober went blind (due to age-related cataracts), she began raiding crops and the local villagers asked SOCP to remove her from the site.

Gober entered the SOCP quarantine center in November 2008. Kept alone at first, in 2009 she was gradually introduced to another blind orangutan, a handsome male named Leuser who had been shot and left permanently blind. In 2010 they were housed together. Unexpectedly, Gober fell pregnant and in February 2011 delivered healthy twins – a male and female. The male’s name is Ganteng (meaning “handsome”) and the female is Ginting (a common family/clan name from the local quarantine area).

The twins are thriving under Gober’s expert care. She is doing such an amazing job of rearing them. The intention is to carefully reintroduce Gober and the twins to their father Leuser, very gradually, to minimize the risk of accidental injury to the infants. In 2012, following a surgical procedure on her cataracts, Gober’s sight was partially restored!

Gober and Twins


Here are some Orangutans that we have adopted in the past…

Adopted by us previous years

Pingky was chained to a tree for 13 years– so long that the chain was embedded into her neck and had to be surgically removed. Many people prefer to adopt a relatively ‘easy’ and cute young baby but we would also like you to also consider the more challenging orangutans like Pingky. Please support this lovely girl. She has been through so much misery, and it is time for her to learn to become an orangutan again…

Adopted by us previous years

We had heard stories about a female orangutan called Neng for more than two years, but had been powerless to rescue her for lack of any safe place to bring her. Neng was on a short chain, huddled in a small ball at the end of a wooden platform about 30 feet above the water. She was sitting on two small wooden planks. Her face was sunburned and we could see she was scared and severely malnourished. We learned later that her diet for the past six years had consisted only of white rice and an occasional banana…


Orangutans we have adopted and who have graduated the program…

Adopted by us previous years


Adopted by us previous years



If you would like to adopt an orangutan on your own or see what Orangutan Outreach is doing, feel free to click on this link: