Our Red Ape Cinnamon customers are aware of our strong focus on supporting animals. We’re thrilled to have partners like Biscuits by Lambchop, who not only make biscuits for dogs with food sensitivities, but also support several animal causes. We feel honored that they chose to use Red Ape Cinnamon in their healthy dog treats!

When Annette Frey learned that her dog, Lambchop, needed to change diet due to health issues, she did what anyone would – searched for a solution. She had a physical therapy background, so research and problem-solving were all in a day’s work. She just had to apply it feeding her dog.  With his health issues requiring contradictory dietary needs, there wasn’t even a dog food she could feed him.  After figuring out how to balance his meals, Annette realized dog treats that didn’t include gluten, soy, corn, rice, dairy, eggs, nuts, and preservatives are fairly non-existent. She tested hundreds of combinations until she found the one that Lambchop loved and fit his nutritional needs!

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Get to know more about Annette and Biscuits by Lambchop:

What led you from making your own dog’s special needs treats to turning it into a business?

I created Biscuits by Lambchop for my own dog Lambchop, after he developed a myriad of medical issues. He had a history of pancreatitis and then went into kidney failure from a drug interaction after knee surgery. The dietary restrictions for pancreatitis and kidney disease contradicted each other and there was no food on the market I could feed him.  He also had several food sensitivities, making it all the more difficult. I did tons of research and learned to balance his diet, but being the treat hound he was, I couldn’t stop there. I had to come up with a healthy snack that would support his special needs but that he’d still love.  After I perfected my recipe, Lambchop shared his treats with all his friends.  When dogs with food sensitivities loved them and so did their tummies, we knew we couldn’t keep them to ourselves and Biscuits by Lambchop was born.


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How do you manage to use the highest quality ingredients and still keep your product prices affordable?

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients is our first priority.  We strive to go straight to the source and create relationships with our vendors. This helps with quality assurance and pricing.

What drew you to Red Ape Cinnamon as an ingredient source?

We love to partner with companies that support animals, like Red Ape does, in donating a percentage of sales to support the orangutan population. Obviously, we LOVE animals, so being able to support animals while purchasing a quality product is just a win-win!


Many pet treat companies tend to focus on the bottom line and search for the lowest cost ingredients. Instead, Annette chooses to use high quality, local fresh produce and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Tell us about Starlet’s treats and why you/she chose the combination of apples, cinnamon and honey?

I love Starr’s story. She went from the Boardwalk to the Boardroom! Starr was running the streets of Atlantic City, gambling with her young life when she was rescued by the amazing Humane Society of Atlantic County. Our friend Ana is on the board there and immediately knew Starr was my dog, and she was right! Whenever I ate apples, Starr would come running, so I thought it was time she had her own treat. I didn’t set out to make another “special needs” treat, but I ended up with one that supported all dietary need that Choppers did.  I guess it’s just my thing. And Starr loved it. Both Starlets and Choppers, although created with special dietary needs in mind are simply healthy treats that all dogs love, and pet parents love to give them.

Do you have an amazing story about your treats that you can share with us?

There are so many!  For me, the things that propel me forward and remind me I am doing exactly what I should be, is when I get e-mails or phone calls from dog parents thanking me for making the biscuits because it’s the only thing their dog would eat when they were sick.  This was true for Lambchop too. So I’ve been there and know how big of a deal that is. One client, who had a dog with kidney failure for quite a long time even told me when her dog passed away, she buried a treat with her dog, because she loved them so much and they were such a big part of their happy times!! That was surreal but really hit me.

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As for celebrities, a few years ago, I was rebranding and in discussions with the designer about what I wanted the look and feel to be. One of the things I said to her was “make them Martha worthy”, referring to Martha Stewart, of course.  I love the color palettes she uses and although I didn’t want them the same as hers (blue), I wanted it to have the same aesthetic. When my rebranding was done, I sent Martha’s dogs a gift and they blogged about our biscuits, so it was the first piece of press we got after rebranding.  I know Martha loves her dogs as much as anyone, and she is very discerning, so this was really meaningful to me and absolutely so much fun because I think I visualized it when I made that comment in the rebranding process.

Do you have any plans to create treats for other pets besides dogs?

I get requests for cat and horse treats all the time but right now I don’t have any plans to create any. But I’ve had a really fun cat treat idea kicking around for a while.  Who knows, I might get inspired….

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You don’t have to be a New Yorker to purchase Biscuits by Lambchop! You can order from the website or sign up for the auto-ship club and receive treats for your fur friends regularly!  http://www.biscuitsbylambchop.com

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 Author: Lori Smart  LINK: https://plus.google.com/117740429670200716316?rel_author

Last Modified: February 28, 2015