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Rest assured – We test our products for lead and other heavy metals and will never sell any product that is dangerous.

About Red Ape Cinnamon

Superior organic spices from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India

At Red Ape Cinnamon, we take pride in bringing you superior organic spices sourced from the heartlands of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and your taste buds is unwavering. Here’s why our spices stand out: 

Our spices are crafted with care, sun-dried to preserve their natural essence, and then slowly ground to ensure an unmatched aroma and taste. We believe in taking the time to deliver the best products. 

We are dedicated to preserving our planet’s natural resources. That’s why all our spices are sustainably harvested and certified organic, ensuring that you get the purest flavors without any unwanted additives or allergens. Our Ceylon cinnamon is steam-treated to ensure a pathogen-free product.

At Red Ape Cinnamon, quality isn’t just a buzzword – it’s our promise. We handpick the highest grade of spices and meticulously test each batch to guarantee freshness and exceptional quality. All of our batches are tested for pathogens and heavy metals.

When you choose Red Ape Cinnamon, you choose flavor without compromise.

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    Sustainably Harvested

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Cassia, Ceylon, & More

Red Ape Collections

Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and unique products made with Red Ape. Ready to bring your recipes and tastebuds to life.

Perfect for Baking

Discover Our PremiumCassia Cinnamon

Elevate your culinary creations with the finest Cassia cinnamon, handpicked from the lush tropical island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Trusted by hundreds of bakeries, ice cream artisans, and major food companies, our flagship Cassia cinnamon is the secret ingredient behind unforgettable flavors. Experience the richness of nature’s spice with our organic Cassia cinnamon.

Featured Cassia Recipe

Chocolate Mousse Cous Cake

Featured Ceylon Recipe

Coconut Curry

Spicy Sophistication

Discover Our OrganicCeylon Cinnamon

Elevate your tea and culinary creations with our organic Ceylon cinnamon. Immerse your senses in the warmth and exquisite depth of flavor that our carefully sourced spice brings to every dish. After six years of dedicated search, we’ve found the finest cinnamon in India and Sri Lanka to enhance your culinary experience.

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We are renowned for offering organic cinnamon, turmeric and more to bakeries, ice creameries, and food manufacturing companies. We invite you to change the way the world experiences your creations. We also offer a full line of grocery retail products.

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or more donated

Approximately 5% or more of all Red Ape profits are donated annually to organizations that protect orangutans and their fragile habitat.

orangutans adopted

Ten orangutans have been directly impacted by our conservation efforts.

trees planted

We have planted 1,000 trees in orangutan habitat.

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The Konery

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Our Modus Operandi

Do good by the planet.

We only select the finest crop, and never before it’s time. We will never select the “best value”—only the best product. Our mission is to offer the highest quality selection our industry has to offer, and we do whatever it takes to achieve this. We treat our suppliers, customers and employees with fairness, integrity and respect.