High Oil Content – Huge Flavor

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Red Ape Cinnamon’s Story

Red Ape Cinnamon® was founded in 2006 by Kestrel Growth Brands, Inc., a company that finds unique ingredients that are grown by small family farmers around the world and introduces them to chefs, bakers, and home gourmets. Before founding Kestrel Growth Brands, Inc., entrepreneurs Marty Parisien and Bill Wiedmann often worked as consultants to the agricultural community in the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the Pacific Region. They were teaching family farmers how to add value to their crops and access higher price markets. They held seminars in Hawaii, Samoa, Guam, Northern Marianna’s and Micronesia. They also worked with farmers individually around the Pacific to create plans to increase the value of their crops and to explore markets abroad.

Ultimately what Marty and Bill discovered was that what all of these farmers had in common was a love for producing quality, organically grown crops, and a lack of resources to brand, package, and sell their products to larger, more lucrative markets abroad. The farmers and their families would always ask, “Can we partner with you? We’ll grow it, you sell it.” Marty and Bill did just that. They launched the Red Ape Cinnamon® brand to accompany their other organic brands. Within a couple years it became clear that Red Ape Cinnamon® was a hit and it began taking on a life of its own.

So in January 2013, Marty and Bill partnered with Dan Vishny to form a new company focused only on the Red Ape Cinnamon® brand.

Dan has owned restaurants and retail stores, written two books, plays guitar, hikes mountains, and enjoys an occasional IPA. Oh yeah, and he loves organic food and orangutans. It’s a match made in heaven! Dan also spent time in a Russian gulag (not really- just making sure that you’re still reading).

Dan’s vision is to grow the Red Ape Cinnamon® brand into a multi-product brand and help save the beloved orangutans. We will be launching new premium products with cute, funny logos. It’s going to be fun- stay tuned.

And we will also do our part in saving a unique, lovable primate…

Please call us at 855-RED-APE1 or email us anytime info@redapecinnamon.com