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Did you know that the world’s finest cinnamon grows on the sides of volcanoes along the equator?

The Best Cinnamon in the World

Cinnamon trees flourish in the heat and love the volcanic soil. Our trees grow for 15 years – which produces a super oily cinnamon bark. The bark is harvested, sun dried and ground slowly to produce a lush, flavorful spice. There is no other cinnamon like this in the world. We fell in love with this cinnamon so much so that we formed a company around it.

And We Don’t Stop There

It turns out that this same area produces an amazing turmeric! Indonesian turmeric is floral and high in curcumin, which is famous for its numerous health benefits. All of our products are certified organic and we test every batch for heavy metals for added safety.

After 6 years, we finally discovered a Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka that we are proud to put our name on – we call it our Ceylon Reserve Cinnamon.

The other spice we offer is an organic ginger from India – just to round out the offering.

We only do these 4 spices. We do them well. They will always come from the same source. Customers notice a big difference.

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