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Explore the rich flavor of our Cassia Cinnamon. Born after 10 years in volcanic soil, this distinctive Cassia is the finest the world has to offer. Rest assured – We test our products for lead and other heavy metals and will never sell any product that is dangerous.

Ground Cassia Cinnamon, Wide Mouth Jar


Certified Organic Ground Cassia Cinnamon from Sumatra. 3.6 oz. jar

This is our flagship baking cinnamon.  You will quickly notice the difference in taste with this fragrant, sweet cinnamon.  This cinnamon is ideal for baking and will enliven the flavors of desserts, cookies and of course cinnamon rolls.  This jar comes with a hand carved bamboo spoon.

Learn more about Cassia cinnamon.

A closer look at Cassia

  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • Oil Content: Minimum 2.5%
  • Certifications: Organic and Kosher
  • Botanical Variety: Cinnamomum burmanii Blume
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The World’s Best

The Six Sources of Red Ape Flavor

There is one place on this planet where all these conditions are met—the Mount Kerinci region of the tropical island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The world’s best cinnamon comes from here.


Cassia trees flourish in rich, volcanic soil.


Cassia trees thrive in a consistently warm climate.

Age of Trees

Cassia trees mature after around 10 years.

Oil Content

The rich flavor is a result of the high oil content.

Drying Method

Sun drying maintains the high oil content.

Grinding Speed

Slowly grinding keeps the oil from burning.

The Production Process

There is one place on this planet where the perfect conditions are prevalent—the Mount Kerinci region of the tropical island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The world’s finest Cassia cinnamon comes from here. Cassia trees are sustainably harvested and sorted by quality. We only put the Red Ape label on the highest quality. This lush, distinctive cinnamon will make a difference in anything that you create.

A Rich History

Cassia was used in China as far back as 2700 B.C. It was mainly used as a treatment for certain medical issues. The Ayurvedic healers of India used it as well to treat ailments. The Greeks, Romans, and ancient Hebrews were the first to use cassia as a cooking spice. They also made perfumes with it, and used it for medicinal purposes. The bible suggests that it was part of the anointing oil used by Moses. Cinnamon migrated with the Romans and was established for culinary use by the 17th century in Europe.

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