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Tamim Teas Lion’s Share Mushroom Tea


Our lion’s mane tea blends the subtly sweet flavors of organic lion’s mane mushrooms with golden turmeric, nourishing ginger, and fragrant spices. This creates an invigorating and exotic treat for tea lovers and tea novices alike!

While many mushrooms have historical uses in herbal medicine, the mushroom tea benefits associated with lion’s mane tea is unique: unlike other mushrooms, its tendrils resemble — you guessed it — the mane of a lion!

Just like the proud lion, these mushrooms are known for their power. In fact, Buddhist monks have used the power of lion’s mane for thousands of years to improve focus, meditate, and treat various ailments.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are widely recognized for their powerful beneficial effects on neuro-cognitive functioning and are referred to as a ‘nutrient for the neurons’ in traditional medicine.

organic turmeric, organic green rooibos, organic ginger, organic lion’s mane mushroom*, organic black peppercorn.
*sourced from organic family farms