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Red Ape Cinnamon 15 Years In The Making:

Red Ape Cassia Cinnamon trees grow for 15 years on the tropical island of Sumatra.  Our cinnamon is sun-dried and slowly ground which creates a lush, oily and delicious flavor.  This is the reason that top food brands, bakeries, and artisan ice cream makers prefer our cinnamon.  It really does make a big difference. Our products are certified organic and kosher. Red Ape organic wholesale cinnamon comes from Sumatra.

Ceylon Cinnamon:

It took us over 5 years to find this one of a kind Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka.  Ceylon cinnamon is one of the oldest spices. It was valued more than gold in ancient times.  Take one sniff of this and you will understand why! Red Ape Ceylon organic wholesale cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka.

We are renowned for offering wholesale organic cinnamon at the best prices to chefs, bakers, and home gourmets.

We invite you to become our partner and buy organic cinnamon wholesale from us at the best prices to change how the world experiences cinnamon. We have kept the prices of our high quality wholesale cinnamon powder reasonable so that you don’t have to go back to using low quality cinnamon at any cost. Visit us today and shop wholesale cinnamon without any hassle!

Wholesale Ordering Info:

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