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Fermensch Kombucha

Chad Huniu
Co-Founder + CEO

Why did you decide to create Kombucha or how did you get started in this industry? i.e. What’s your story?

I first tried kombucha at a house part in Eugene, Oregon, because that’s the kind of thing that happens at a house party in Eugene, Oregon. I fell in love with the sour flavor and the real benefits I could feel in my body. I was so fascinated by the process of fermentation that I started experimenting on my own back in Orange County, CA. One thing led to another after that, and I quickly found myself fermenting for restaurants, a local kombucha bar, and finally founding Fermensch Kombucha with my father in 2016.

What is your favorite item to make and why?

I love to create new seasonal flavors. Finding beautiful peak season stone fruit at the farmers market or trying something wacky like shaving sticks of palo santo into a batch and seeing what happens brings me a lot of joy. One of our recent favorites was the Apple Cinnamon, made with Red Ape’s incredibly delicious cinnamon chips.

Any advice to new creators?

It’s okay to be afraid. But do it anyway. Try things. Be different. And act quick. Things change at breakspeed paces in this age.